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Welcome to J ND K International

We are proud to share with you our family owned and operated business.  Our name reflects each family member – Javier, Natalia, Dominik, and Krystal, because this business was created in order to help us do meaningful work while we raise our family.   The International represents the connection to our 2nd home in Nicaragua, as well as, our unique products that are handmade worldwide.

J ND K International is working with global partners to share unique handmade products from around the world with you. All of our World Artisan Products proudly adhere to Fair Trade Standards.  Not only do you receive a one of a kind item, your purchase helps to support an individual and their family- each item description has information about the artist who created it.  

   With your purchasing power, you are able to make a socially conscious shopping decision – and you receive world-wide products shipped right to your doorstep.

We love to try new things and in our J ND K Product section we will be featuring some of our favorite items.  These include toys, jewelry, household items, unique gifts, and the latest gadgets.  The products we recommend will be tried, tested and reviewed by J ND K.  Feel free to submit new item ideas that you would like us to consider reviewing.


To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Natalia’s open heart surgery, our newest fundraiser will be for a children’s heart charity.  Helping families of children with congenital heart defects is very special to us, as Natalia was born with an atrial septal defect, which we only found out about less than 2 years ago.  She had open heart surgery September 30th, 2016, and everything went wonderful.  To celebrate the anniversary of this, J ND K International will be donating half of the proceeds of every Guardian Angel and Good Luck Necklace purchased from now until the new year to a children’s charity which helps families and children with heart defects.  Please help support our cause by purchasing a necklace!



We believe that giving back to others makes a huge impact in our world, and we chose to incorporate this into our business.  For every purchase made through our Book & Movie Section we will donate 50% of the money to a featured charity, and will be continually sharing our collective helping efforts.



♥ Together we all can make ethical lifestyle choices- including shopping and travel-  that will contribute to making the world a better place. We appreciate each and every visitor to our site, and we Thank You for helping us to help others!♥



Here's to the Crazy Ones - Steve Jobs


J ND K International also offers Nicaragua Travel and Relocation Consultations.  We can recommend people, places and services to make your visit or move easier and more enjoyable.  We strive to feature and refer our customers to businesses in Nicaragua that give back to the community – as there are many individuals and companies doing life- changing work in Nicaragua.  If you are planning a visit or move to the amazing country of Nicaragua, use our experience and let us do your research for you.