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J ND K is our passion!  Our name represents our family – which is our #1 passion, and this business has evolved to include our other passion, which is helping others and doing our part to make the world a better place.

We began our business as J N K in 2013 when we exported farm equipment to Nicaragua – at the time we were looking for a business that could help us incorporate our lives here in Canada, and our desire to continue our part-time life in Nicaragua. We came up with the business name because of our names – Javier, Natalia (our daughter, 4 years old at the time) and myself, Krystal, and only started a business because we needed to in order to get our import/export license. At the time, there was no greater intent.

Fast forward a few years and our son, Dominik, was born. In fact, when I was pregnant we thought of baby names based on how they would fit into our business name, because at that point, the dream of continuing to work for ourselves was strong.

That’s how J ND K International was started. We wanted to build a business that could bring together our love of Nicaragua, and helping others while working from home and raising our little family. We slowly saw the pieces coming together – we began by working online, and found ourselves getting more and more great ideas to continue our helping escapades while we grew our business.

I first travelled to Nicaragua in 2003 and was astonished to see the differences between life there and my life in Canada. The conditions that people lived in were appalling to me, but the energy from the people was amazing. I came home feeling forever changed and with a strong desire to help others in Nicaragua however I could.

Through our experiences in Nicaragua, our eyes were opened up to the immense talents of local artisans. We often spoke of someday being able to bring the beautiful handmade products for sale in Canada. Thankfully that ‘someday’ came sooner than originally thought when we found companies to partner with who are already doing the great work of bringing worldwide handcrafted products to our North American market. Each purchase through our  World Artisan Products section helps to support artists worldwide and connect people on a deeper level as well, by bringing two cultures together. Whenever you purchase a handcrafted item, you can feel great about the fact that your buying choice has made a big difference in others’ lives.

J ND K International has partnered with other companies to provide a vast array of products that are unique and are some of our favorite products that we actually use ourselves.  Check out our J ND K products here!

You would think that would be where our ideas stopped – however, it felt like another piece was missing. That other piece was even though there is immense poverty around the world, there is also poverty in our own backyard. Many people struggle in Canada as well, and we felt like we wanted to make a difference here too.

That is where the idea for contributing money from our sales to local charities came in. We are keeping a running total of money raised and based on following our hearts, we will periodically donate the funds raised to our local community in Southern Alberta. Half of the money made in our  Buy & Give Back  section will go into the fund to help our community.

After over a decade of travelling, having a home in Nicaragua, we also wanted to incorporate that major part of our lives into our business.  There are many people and business in Nicaragua doing amazing work while benefitting their local communities and we are proud to highlight these companies.  So, if you are planning to travel or move to Nicaragua, use our experience and let us help you with the details by referring you to the great people we’ve found in Nicaragua.  Book your customized consultation with us Here.

We are thankful that our passions are all coming together and we would like to thank you for helping us in our endeavors.

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