Community Charity Work Thru ‘Buy and Give Back’ Items

J ND K International believes that it’s important to give back to the community as much as possible, so we have dedicated a section where 50% of the proceeds of the item sold will go into a fund to be donated to a local charity.  The products in this category qualify for the flat rate shipping of $11, regardless of the quantity of items purchased.

Check Out our Buy & Give Back Items Here!


We are keeping a running total of money raised and this total will be updated to reflect the current amount raised.
When the money raised reaches the pre-set amount, we will present the chosen charity with the funds.

J ND K will take pictures and videos of each donation presented, so that our customers can follow our fundraising efforts.

So not only do you get awesome books and movies, you are also doing a major part in helping to fundraise and give back to the community. All of your help is greatly appreciated and together we can make a difference!hand + light


So far our helping efforts have included a community supper for a small fishing village in Nicaragua and annual donations of clothing and assistance to the locals. We are expanding on this to also give the money we raise to help our local community in Southern Alberta as well. With every purchase thru our site, you are buying cool and unique products and helping others while you have fun shopping.

We just concluded a local charity fundraiser in support of the Medicine Hat SPCA.  – check out Donation Day Here!


Our Next Fundraiser is in Honor of Natalia’s Open Heart Surgery last year – and the charity will be related to children with heart defects


Here are J & N getting our fundraising necklaces ready to hand out at Stollery Children’s Hospital to help cheer up other families who are going through what we did


If you would like to help, please purchase a Angel or Good Luck Necklace or some Books & Movies