4 Pack of Freezable Shot Glasses and Drink Dice Game


 4 Pack of Colorful Freezable Shot Glasses

  • A Drink Dice is included to play a Unique & Fun Drinking Game
  • The Freezable Shot Glasses are BPA Free, Non-Toxic, and Top Shelf Dishwasher Safe
  • The Drink Dice contains 6 different sides with each side having a different drink command on it – enables you to play a fun and unique drinking game
  • These freezable shot glasses and the included drink dice are a perfect combination to spice up any evening


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This Unique and Fun Package Deal contains a 4 Pack of Freezable Shot Glasses and a Drinking Game Dice. The 4 Shot Glasses come in Bright Colors, and contain non-toxic freezer gel to insulate cold beverages. They are BPA Free and safe to put in the dishwasher on the top shelf. These unique shot glasses will keep your drinks ice cold without diluting your beverage. Included with these shot glasses is a special Drinking Game Dice. The Drink Dice is 6 sided, with different drinking commands on each side. The Drink Dice is the perfect way to spice up any evening or to become the life of the party game. This Special Pack of Freezable Shot Glasses and Drink Dice is the ideal item for anyone looking for an evening of fun. It makes a great gift or is perfect for fun with family and friends.


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